Write high-converting sales emails.

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Write high-converting sales emails.

November 23, 2019 Marketing 0

So you’re sitting there with your laptop light beaming on your face.

You’re ready to start writing emails to your customers.

You lift your hand swiftly…

And as it comes down to strike the keyboard you freeze.

Complete silence in the room…

And only one thing on your mind…

“What kind of emails am I supposed to write?!”

Now before I tell you what your options are, I wanted to share a little tidbit with you.

In order to effectively email market to your customers you need to strike a balance between promotional and educational emails.

When you create this balance you will enhance your click through rates and conversions…

And you’ll make a lot more money from your marketing efforts.

So getting back to the question at hand.

What kind of emails do you write?

To answer that question- it really depends on what type of message you’re trying to get across to your audience.

Do you want them to purchase something you’re selling?

Maybe you want them to read something and provide their input on it?

Or maybe you want to teach them something you just learned?

See what I mean…

It could be any number of things.

Typically though most high-converting sales emails will fall into one of the nine types below.

Here we go…

  • Welcome Emails

  A welcome email is usually the first email your customer receives after subscribing. You can thank them for subscribing or give a once in a lifetime type offer. This email will set the tone and expectations of all the emails you’ll be sending them over their customer life cycle.

  • Newsletters

A newsletter email generally follows a fixed schedule. Typically these emails are very content filled. They could have curated content from industry thought leaders, or important updates from a recent conference. It could be anything. Just make sure it’s relevant and provides value.

  • Standalone Emails

These emails are perfect when you’re trying to drive one simple action from your customer. Because the focus is on one thing and the CTA is simple there will be higher conversions and more sales.

  • Nurture Emails

Nurture emails are used to educate and give value to your customer leads that have entered at the top of your funnel. The objective is to move them down the funnel and closer to the sale. These email sequences can usually be automated so they’re triggered when your customers take certain actions.

  • Transactional Emails

These emails consist of receipts, invoices, order confirmations. Transactional emails have up to 8 times the open and click-through rate when compared to other email types. It’s important to maximize this opportunity. The best way is to make product/service recommendations based on what they’re already buying.

  • Milestone Emails

Milestones are a perfect opportunity to encourage a transaction. Combining an exclusive offer with your customers sign-up anniversary, or any other milestone, can lead to a huge increase in sales.

  • Event Emails

You can build entire email campaigns around events that you might be hosting or attending. The purpose of all event emails is to generate interest and keep the buzz going all the way through. Event emails can include invitations, follow-ups, reminders, thanks for attending, etc.

  • Holiday Emails

Just like the name says. These emails are sent around the holidays. Perfect for flash sales and exclusive mini offers. And there are endless numbers of holidays to choose from. Both in your culture and other cultures. 

  • Re-Engagement Email

It’s possible that some of your subscribers won’t be as engaged as the others. This could be for any number of reasons. Our job is not to speculate why but to re-engage them with your brand and company. Your re-engagement email could be done a number of ways. You could offer a discount, or a check-in email, or give them some useful information you might have just discovered. 

So these are the different types of emails that are proven to be high-converting sales emails.

Incorporate them into your business and watch more sales come in consistently.

Or save yourself the trial and error and have me do it for you.


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