Increase your email click-through rates

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Increase your email click-through rates

November 18, 2019 Tips 0

Dear Friend,

I want to share with you a little known way to increase click-through rates when you send your customers an email.

Knowing this is going to give you a huge advantage over other businesses that email market in your industry.

Even my neighbor, who runs his own business, has tried this in his emails with great success.

He “couldn’t believe how much sales increased after”.

And there’s absolutely nothing standing in your way from going through the same experience as him.

Now before I share this trick with you I wanted to bring something to the forefront…

You and I, we both agree on one thing.

Email marketing can be a very profitable channel for businesses when used correctly.

But there’s a very simple mistake that some people make when they send out their emails.

They send them with the goal being to make a sale. And I agree that is the end result we go for.

But let me help you make a small mindset shift for one second…

Without knowing this mindset shift you won’t understand the impact of my trick which I will share later.


What if we change the goal from ‘trying to make a sale’ to ‘trying to drive a click to the next page’.

All we want to do is get the prospect to click the link. They don’t need to make the purchase right now. They’ll do that at the sales/cart page. 

And you want to know what the best way to drive that click is?

You use what I like to call a Click Mechanism.

A Click Mechanism will motivate the reader to click the link and learn more about the offer.

The four Click Mechanisms are…

  • Curiosity- They click “blind” without knowing where it goes
  • Advantages- They click after reading about the benefits
  • Scarcity- They click because there’s urgency of some kind
  • Testimonials- They click because of proof

What I like to do is test a few different mechanisms to see how my prospect is motivated. This also helps me refine better offers for certain segments.

ONLY use each mechanism once per email. 

Because if you’ve tried to drive clicks using curiosity in the beginning of your email it won’t work again later in the email.

Use another mechanism. Test and see which one works best for your audience.

And if you want, I’d be happy to hop on a call to explain exactly how to implement these in your email marketing. Just fill out the form.


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